Virginia Child Custody Laws

If your divorce case also involves your children, then they are likely to be affected by your separation from your spouse. All Virginia child custody laws revolve around the best interest of your children when considering their custody and support matters subsequent to your divorce simply to ensure optimal security and well-being of your children. Besides seeking legal consultation, self-care is of paramount importance during separation and divorce. Here are four important things to consider when ensuring self-care:

1.    Employment

Keep in mind that you may need to re-enter the labor market if you are not already. Do not accept the first job opportunity you have without thinking. Maybe it’s not enough to stay financially strong.

Therefore, you should consider receiving vocational guidance or analyzing other options. Additionally, you also need to consult with a qualified vocational counselor if you want to return to academics or education. At the time of granting spousal maintenance, a court, as per Virginia child custody laws, may order that your spouse should pay tuition and other expenses related to education that are necessary to receive the necessary education to enable you to obtain an employment.

2.    Physical security

Call the police emergency number (911) if you think that there is a clear danger, which is imminent for you or your children. Keep in mind that you are vulnerable and may have lost certain “customs of the street” about self-protection. Inspect the personal safety of your home. Change the locks or install new locks, if necessary.

3.    Financial Aspects

Be aware of your financial portfolio as per Virginia child custody laws. You should review several years of financial documents. Make copies of all tax returns, statements of account, banking and other information related to your marriage. If there are joint accounts for investments or bank accounts (including certificates deposit, checking accounts, stock / brokerage accounts, etc.), call the financial institutions and require joint signatures for all future transactions. If your spouse does not have sound conduct for financial matters, close the joint accounts immediately. Do not sign any paper without being reviewed by a lawyer or someone who understands the subject as per Virginia child custody laws.

4.    Legal Affairs

Except in emergency situations, before you leave your home, get an agreement separation and division of assets between you and your spouse. Consult your lawyer before having an appointment with another person. Until then, a sexual relationship with another person who does not be your spouse is considered adultery, and may affect your ability to receive spousal support. The fact of having dates with another person without maintaining relationships can affect the negotiations and the final outcome in relation to custody, regime of visits, etc. Consult your lawyer before having sex again with your spouse since this can affect the cause from which a divorce can be granted. If you have the opportunity, observe the contentious cases in the Court about divorce, custody, property or maintenance in order to know what to expect as per Virginia child custody laws. Keep and deposit in a safe place all the documents related to the agreement of separation and division of property and divorce.

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