In the wake of gift card returns, CCTVs and electronic payments, employers take acts of embezzlement extremely seriously. Steering the Virginia criminal justice system can be terrifying for anyone, but it can be especially overwhelming when it’s your first time, and you are facing an embezzlement charges. Below are some common FAQs about to embezzlement in Virginia:

  1. What is actually embezzlement? How is it different than larceny? In the most modest of terms, embezzlement is taking money or anything of value from an employer; whereas larceny is from a non-employer (family, business, friends, etc.).
  2. Does embezzlement involve only taking cash out of the cash register? While stealing cash from your co-worker is embezzlement, so is giving store discounts to friends or others when the store doesn’t allow those discounts.
  3. I was charged with embezzlement, but I have paid back all of the money. Is there any chance where I can stay out of the jail? Well, paying back the money is another way to admission of guilt, which can have the possibility of tying your lawyer’s hands when it comes to negotiating with the prosecutor regarding an agreed punishment. Part of the negotiation is the main part of the prosecution’s case, and you have just made the prosecution’s case stronger with your imbursement. However, if you have had no previous convictions, the guidelines may support no prison in this instance. Before you make any more mistakes, hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer now.
  4. My office caught me on CCTV camera stealing $500. My boss told me to pay it back the same day, or I will have to spend the night in jail, so I paid back the full sum. Now I’ve been charged with embezzlement charge and people are tweeting that I shouldn’t have paid it back. What am I supposed to do? First, it is very vital to retain an experienced local criminal defense attorney immediately since paying back the money is an admission of guilt, and felony offense embezzlement convictions have very awful punishments, including difficulty renting a flat and finding a job. Second, keep these matters off the social media and public forums; no more Instagram posts, status updates, tweets or texts. This can be used as proof by the prosecution.
  5. I work in a dentist clinic and was charged with embezzlement case because I electronically moved funds from the workplace account to my own account. Is this embezzlement and what is the maximum punishment? Yes, this could be an unclassified felony embezzlement, which carries a maximum period of 20 years in jail.
  6. I work in the County Treasurer’s Workplace taking payments for parking receipts. I needed to pay my heating bill before it was cut off, so I took some money from my cash account. Before I could pay it back, my boss got to know about it and said I will be charged with a special type of felony. How true is that? Yes, it is a class 4 felony for an employee of the Commonwealth to take public funds, which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. You need to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away!